Two incredibly kind people, fabulous details, lots of beautiful moments shared with friends and family… a wedding photographer couldn’t ask for much more. Really, Jen & John, thank you for allowing me to share these moments with you guys.

Jennifer & John celebrated their wedding at Walnut Hill Church and the reception followed at her parents property in Lexington KY.

My wife was looking over my shoulder while I was working on this blog post and made me post this image. Haha. We’re both big dog lovers. Love how this guy is just chillin… takin it all in.


Love the expressions on everyone’s face.

Ever have one of those days?

The bells were ringing in memory of Jen’s father.

Jennifer & John actually met randomly on a chair lift out in Colorado. I’m putting this image up because I think it’s the best groom cake ever! The cake is a model of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the alps. :)