My wife Cheryl, son Nathan and I just got back from a wonderful vacation up in New Hampshire. My grandparents own a huge peninsula up there with cabins on Lake Waukewan… which was where we stayed for the past week. The purpose? Sort of a family reunion and of course, to celebrate Nathan’s 1st birthday.

In honor of him, here are a few photos from the week.

Mmm. I always get my detail cake shots. ;)

We have a golden… but this is my Dad’s golden. In honor of all goldens (the best dogs on the universe)… here’s a pic of Henry relaxing.

Henry has a watchful eye. Always looking for food scrapings falling off the table.

There’s something about my boy and light. Since he’s my first… it may be just a baby thing. But this boy is crazy about light. He’ll probably be a photographer like his dad one day… cause light is the most important element of photography. :)

Mom try some!


A couple of fun shots outside. Man, is he cute or what?

Such a sweet boy!

Ah, the scenery was beautiful. I miss it already!

Ok. Back to work now… :)