I’m pretty sure today ranks up in the top 10 days of my life category. Ok, it wasn’t like visiting Venice or anything… but for the male species… it was pretty darn close.

Let’s see. Today after church, a couple buddies of mine (Lee & Charlie) decide to visit Churchill Downs for a few races. A few pics from Churchill…



Charlie & Lee deciding who to bet on.


So after a fun few hours at Churchill Downs, we check out Charlie & Lee’s adult playground (aka their work). Charlie & Lee work for a company that rents out huge gigantic man-machines. And I got to play. Oh my goodness… this was ridiculously, hilariously fun.

Me getting ready to take control of one of the most powerful machines I have ever seen.

Oh yea! Look at that bad boy!

Action shot, compliments of Charlie… nice shot man!

Lee digging and making a mess. Me pushing dirt and cleaning the mess.

OK. So far, the fun was only just beginning. This next little guy was definitely my favorite. I swear you can do back flips with this thing. This had amazing power and control. The hardest thing was getting everything to work. 2 levers control stearing & movement. Push forward on both levers and you go forward… Push forward on one and backward on the other and you do amazing donuts in the dirt…. Umm… Not that I would dare do such a thing with such an expensive piece of equipment.

Charlie then decides to take the man-lift up for a ride.

Then he takes me up. The thing is shaking like crazy and it’s freaking me out. Charlie is just laughing at me.

We were seriously up in the air.

Altogether we probably drove 10 or so other machines after this. Honestly I was having so much fun I didn’t have time to take more pictures. But it was such a fun day, I couldn’t resist sharing.