Man did my wife and I totally enjoy a wonderful time in Destin. I enjoyed myself so much, I didn’t take many pictures. It’s nice to put the camera down every once in a while. ;)

Actually Cheryl and I needed some “us” time. We celebrated our 5yr anniversary this past May but had really no time to celebrate it… had a wedding on our anniversary and lots of other shoots surrounding that day. So this past week we took a trip to Destin. The vacation was sweet, but 24/7 time with my wife and with the iphone turned off was much sweeter.

So here’s just one little artsy shot from the beach. (The actual beach we were married on 5 years ago!)

Oh… and might as well put this up. This was Cheryl’s Dad’s old house on the beach in Grayton Beach. They sold it a couple years ago and the new owners have made some pretty crazy changes. IMHO, they should have kept the house the way it was. But nonetheless, here’s where we got married & celebrated our reception.

Plenty more blog posts coming soon – I’ve got a lot of catch-up work ahead of me.