Louisville Wedding Reception Venues

The list of wedding venues below are popular wedding reception locations that I frequently shoot at. Included is a small personal description of the location and a link to one or two blog posts featuring that wedding venue.

The Henry Clay

The Henry Clay is probably one of my favorite venues to shoot. Lots of space, a sweet stage for a live band, beautiful decor – what more can you ask for?

Louisville Wedding Reception at The Henry Clay
- Stefanie & Bryce
- Jennifer & Brandon
- Jenna & Bill
- Madison & Nate

Muhammad Ali Center

The Muhammad Ali Center has an incredible view of the river and windows galore. Beautiful views everywhere you look!

Louisville Wedding Reception at Muhammad Ali Center
- Juliana & Ronnie
- Katie & Nick
- Emily & Eric

Galt House & Rivue

Another gorgeous view up at Rivue in the Galt House. The top floor has plenty of room for a large wedding reception. This is a must see for sure!

Louisville KY Wedding Reception at Rivue
- Abby & Mike


Glassworks is great for both a rooftop wedding and also an inside reception. Although the space is a little limited, it really is a beautiful location for small to medium wedding & reception.

Glassworks Louisville Wedding Reception
- Elizabeth & Cory
- Jenica & Matt

Frazier History Museum

I feel like I’m at the Frazier History Museum every other month. A very popular location in my book. A beautiful river-side view for a rooftop wedding and the 4th floor reception area is huge for plenty of guests.

Frazier Museum Wedding Reception
- Tiffany & Thomas Wedding, Tiffany & Thomas Reception
- Jodie & Noah

The Gillespie

Pretty new in the world of wedding venues is The Gillespie. Opened in 2009 (I believe). A very spacious, plenty of room wedding venue.

Gillespie Louisville Wedding Reception
- Lacie & Aaron
- Andrea & Brian

Kye’s I & II

Kye’s in Southern Indiana is a popular reception spot. Just right across the river in Jeffersonville. Two reception locations to pick from too! Check it out.

Kye’s Wedding Reception
- Lauren & Matthew
- Heather & Ben

The Grand

The Grand is just plain cool. Lots of space with a big stage. This is kind of like New Albany’s “Henry Clay” in a sense. Very beautiful location for a wedding reception and lots of fun areas out front to take photos!

The Grand Wedding Reception
- Jessica & Jess


Gingerwoods is a great location for a wedding & reception out in the country part of Prospect. In fact, the home page image on my website featuring a couple in a field was taken at Gingerwoods.

Gingerwoods Wedding Reception Venue
- Jennifer & Nick
- Rebecca & Nate

Hurstbourne Country Club

Hurstbourne Country Club is a beautiful historic mansion that dates back to the 1800′s. It has beautiful scenery both inside and out, and is a gorgeous place for a reception!

Hurstbourne Country Club Wedding Reception Venue
- Kelley & Daniel

The Carson Center

This Paducah, Kentucky wedding reception venue is absolutely gorgeous! It has such beautiful features, and is truly a unique and memorable locale.

Carson Center Paducah Wedding Reception
- Whitney & John

The Seelbach Hilton

The Marriott

The Brown Hotel

The Brown is right up there with the Henry Clay as one of my favorite wedding reception sites. It’s beautiful, plenty of space, incredible decor and plenty of sweet locations to shoot around the Hotel (inside and outside).

Louisville Wedding Reception Brown Hotel
- Jacque & Matt
- LuAnn & David

Whitehall Mansion & Gardens

Whitehall is a beautiful mansion off Lexington Road. The gardens are incredible and the house is incredible. I love shooting at Whitehall! Definitely one of my favorite outdoor locations.

Whitehall Wedding Venue
- Lindsay & TJ

Locust Grove

Another absolute favorite outdoor wedding reception site. This place reminds me of Lexington. Big beautiful grass fields, log cabins and a gorgeous garden for both a wedding & reception. This is a must see!

Locust Grove Wedding Reception Site
- Alli & Matt
- Bonner & Joe


Gardencourt is probably the one location I can say I shoot the most at. I love shooting here just as much as I love Whitehall. Check out the links for some photos.

Gardencourt Wedding Reception
- Ainsley & Emil
- Sarah & Rob
- Lindsay & Joseph
- Amy & Matt

Yew Dell Gardens

I love love love Yew Dell Gardens. So pretty and so many incredible places to shoot. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding & reception site and Gardencourt or Whitehall doesn’t interest you (or isn’t available) you’ve got to check out Yew Dell.

Yew Dell Gardens Wedding & Reception
- Natasha & Trent

Mellwood Arts Center

Are you artsy? This place is. I shoot at Mellwood for a lot of my seniors because it has so many creative backgrounds. But it also has several rooms for wedding receptions and even a new courtyard for an outdoor wedding.

Mellwood Arts Center Wedding Venue
- Julie & Kelley
- Jessica & Adam
- Ashley & Dustin

Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is such a beautifully historic spot, and has great views all around! It is so much fun to get the chance to shoot a wedding here!

Churchill Downs Wedding and Reception
- Sara & Erik

The Olmsted

Definitely a popular spot for a reception. The Olmsted off of Frankfort Ave can fit any size. And you get the incredible food from Mastersons. It’s a win/win!

The Olmsted Wedding Reception
- Sarah & Adam
- Katie & Joey

Peterson Dumesnil House

Not too large, but definitely beautiful. The Peterson Dumesnil is perfect for a smaller wedding & reception. Check out some photos!

Peterson Dumesnil House Wedding & Reception
- Corri & Josh

300 Spring

This Jeffersonville, Indiana reception site boasts an array of architectural elements that make the space both beautiful and unique. A great place for an Indiana reception!

300 Spring Indiana Wedding Reception
- Jessica & Kellon

Louisville Science Center

Audubon Country Club

Speed Art Museum

The Nunnlea House