Album Turnaround

Typical turnaround time is 10-12 weeks starting from the time you submit the images for your album. In the event you submit your album during our peak wedding season (May through October), your album may be delayed an additional 4-6 weeks. Please understand that we hold a very high standard for our albums and what we present to you is essentially our artwork with hours upon hours of invested time. This process takes time, but we promise you will love the end result and cherish your album for years to come!

Image & Album Page Limitations

Every album includes a total of 50 images. This usually averages out to about 24 pages. If you would like to add more photos to your album, no problem! Check out our album upgrades.

Album Revisions

We do our very best to get your album designed right the first time without any need for revisions. However, occassionally we have a few folks that would like to make some changes. No problem! Here is our current policy on album page revisions.

1. Your first set of revisions for your album are free.
2. Revisions include picture swapping, minor layout modifications and color-tone changes.
3. After your first set of revisions are supplied to us, additional revisions are $40 per page.
4. Your free revisions are subject to RedTree approval. Additional fees may apply in the case that major layout modifications or major changes are requested.
5. Turnaround time for revisions is typically 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year. Supplying revisions to us will delay your estimated album turnaround by a few weeks.
6. Please submit your revisions to Josh via email. See the example below for how to do this.
     2/20 side A, replace "bride portrait" with "093"
     3/20 side B, replace "bouquet" with "141"

If you’re not sure you understand, please email Josh with your questions.