Thought I’d post a couple new albums we recently finished. When it comes to albums, I honestly believe we make some killer albums with style. See for yourself.

This first album is a fine-art album with japanese fabric and fine-art matte paper. It’s a big 11×14 and I just want to eat it.

This delicious brown italian leather album is super simple and sexy. I love the grain of this brown leather. I’m proud of that cow!




I just finished an album design for recent wedding couple, Jenica & Matt. I’ve been asked a time or two to show off a design on my blog, so here’s one you can check out! I’ll tell you though, you can’t even come close to experiencing this unless you FEEL the album. These pages are printed on fine-art Hannehmule matte paper. The best matte paper in the world IMO! The size of the album is a whopping 11×14 page size! We’re finishing this album later this week and I’ll add a few pics of the finished product to this post. Oooh it’s gonna look & feel sooo yummy.

Check out the album design here. (Quality reduced for web)

RedTree Fine-Art Album Design




Many of you don’t know we offer a slew of other products that don’t often get much notice. Thought I’d share a couple. Here is an example of a “Thank You” and “Save The Date” card. For more information, contact us.






In case you didn’t know, we do things a little differently here at the Tree. We make our own custom, fine-art albums. And they rock! Something totally unique and special for our clients. So here lately, we’ve been cranking out albums like crazy and thought we need to snap some pics and show off a few. Here are some recent gorgeous albums now shipped and on their way to make some happily married couples extremely happier!